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County Council of the Aisne


First World War

The Great War remembered

The European project is a collaboration between partners from France, Flanders and Wallonie on the theme of the First World War. On this website you can consult the activities and actions and download the application for smartphones.

Victoria Cross


Discover the portrait of 50 brave soldiers.
After their heroic deeds, they received the highest and most prestigious military decoration awarded by the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces: the VICTORIA CROSS.

Memorial of Verdun

The museum features a stunning reconstitution of the battlefield, thematic and educational exhibits. Visit the website.

Peronne Historial

The Peronne Historial offers a cultural vision of the First World War, as experienced by soldiers and civilians. Visit the website. 

World Centre for Peace

The World Centre for Peace, Liberty and Human Rights is housed in an 18th century palace. Visit the website. 

Douaumont Ossuary

The ossuary houses the remains of soldiers who died in battle in order to preserve their memory. Visit the website.

Suippes Interpretive Centre

An Interpretive Centre in Suippes. Visit the website.

Treasures and Wonders of the Aisne


Godin Familistère, or the People's Palace

An urban complex created for a workers' paradise in a “People's Palace”. Visit the website. 

Archaeological Park – Museum of the Dark Ages

Museum featuring the Merovingian period, based on digs of the necropolis and a 6th - 7th century habitat. Visit the website. 

Butterfly Museum

Discover this spectacular collection of butterflies, beetles, dragonflies and tarantulas. Visit the website. 

Jean de la Fontaine Birthplace and Museum

Discover the house where Jean de la Fontaine was born. Visit the website.

Textile Museum

Discover the world of the textile industry. Visit the website. 

Les ateliers de l'abeille

Understand the hide's mystake. Visit the website.

Castles and Historical Sites

Castle of Condé

Discover the castle and its treasures. Visit the website.

Castle of Coucy

The magnificent ruins of the Castle of the Lords of Coucy stand on a rocky spur overlooking the Ailette valley. Visit the website. 

Fort of Condé

Fine example of late 19th century military architecture. Visit the website.

Fortress of the Dukes of Guise

For two thousand years this massive keep has towered over the valley of the Oise. Visit the website. 

Abbeys and Churches

Abbey of Saint Michael

One of the few Benedictine abbeys in northern France. Visit the website.

Soissons Museum

Abbey of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes and abbey of Saint-Léger. Visit the website.

Gardens and Recreational Activities

Viels-Maisons Gardens

A remarkable collection of gardens. Visit the website.

River cruise on the Ourcq

All aboard for the great outdoors, where you'll find yourself immersed in an Impressionist painting. Visit the website. 

Canoe trip on the untamed Oise

Plunge into the magnificent, unspoilt countryside of the Thiérache. Visit the website. 

Towns of Historical and Artistic Interest

Medieval City of Laon

Tourist Office - Hôtel Dieu. Visit the website. 


Tourist office of the Saint-Quentin area. Visit the website. 


Tourist Office of Soissons. Visit the website.

Other sites

Country Tourism Board of the Aisne

All the tourist information you may want about the Aisne. Visit the website.

Les Chemins de mémoire – The Paths of Memory

Presentation of memorial sites in France. Visit the website. 

CRID 14-18

International research and debate collective on the First World War. Visit the website. 


Daily newspaper for the Champagne-Ardenne and Picardie regions. Visit to the website.

Community of Communes of the Chemin des Dames

Visit to the website.